Here you will find SPORT skills drills, fitness workouts and news, hints and tips to keep you motivated and informed until you are able to compete again yourself.

nelson mandela and francios pieneer 1995 rugby world cup

Heritage in sports

Sports in South Africa unifies millions across the nation who yearn for the same outcome. Among the car hoots, vuvuzelas, ...
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Combined picture of Caster Semenya, Desiree Elliss and Natalie Du Toit

Shining the spotlight on women in sports

Women in sports have come a long way. We have seen pioneers that have paved the way for aspiring athletes ...
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School sports stars and the Covid dilemma

The recruitment of school sports stars with ambitions to compete provincially or nationally must be on the minds of learners ...
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Watch: Exercises to condition and strengthen your core

Working to condition and strengthen your core amps up your athletic agility and endurance, improves your posture and strengthens your ...
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10 tips on coaching your child in sport

Here are 10 tips on coaching your child in sport while sporting activities at schools and clubs largely curtailed during ...
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Manners and etiquette in sport

Playing sport is a fun way to exercise, keep healthy and de-stress, especially after a tense exam or demanding study ...
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Watch: Ways to strengthen your stability

Trainers and experts advise athletes to always be mindful of conditioning their joints and muscles. The hips, knees and ankles ...
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fitness workout for beginners

Watch: Fitness workout for beginners

This fitness workout for beginners lets you tap into your different muscle groups. Fitness instructor Rogan Comins' workout focuses on ...
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student running

8 things that annoy sports coaches

Sports coaches love what they do. They have a passion for their sport and want their teams, players and athletes ...
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Watch: 7 steps to develop your muscles

A strong upper body is good for more than opening a stubborn bottle of mayonnaise. Exercising your chest, biceps and ...
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Watch: Build your summer body now

Start off this month with a workout to get you to your desired look for December. It's never too late ...
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Watch: Lower body workout

This lower body workout is supplied by development and conditioning coach, Myles Usher. Strengthening your lower body is important for ...
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