Watch: Ways to strengthen your stability

Trainers and experts advise athletes to always be mindful of conditioning their joints and muscles. The hips, knees and ankles bring stability to the body which also helps posture.

This kind of exercise is encouraged for people who have symptoms like tingling, numbness and painful ankles, hips and knees. These symptoms could be caused by injury or excessive weight gain. Doing these exercises could assist in conditioning these areas. Sportsmen and women, do not overlook this part before they begin their training.


The known exercises or stretches include lunges, where you need to keep your body straight, shoulders back and take a step forward and bend your knee. Other exercises include marching on the spot and squats. Take your time while doing these exercises to allow your body to adapt and get to the right condition it needs to be. These exercises will ensure a fit lower body and sturdy joints. Here’s how you can get your stability to tip-top shape.

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