Free coding, web development programme is accessible to schools, educators

Under-resourced schools now have access to coding. Code for Change, a non-profit organisation, is extending an opportunity for high schools students to gain experience in front-end web development and coding.

This free-for-use training programme operates using the CodeJIKA programme. CodeJIKA is a vocational coding programme for high schools.

“Our mission is to create awesome experiences, cool online tools and a fun curriculum to support the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow,” according to CodeJIKA’s website.

The vision is to build a network of forward-thinking schools and school management teams joined by a linked branch of student-run coding clubs.

CodeJIKA teachers computer science skills, web development and foundational coding. It was developed for use by schools and communities that are mostly offline, or depend on phones and mobile data. The programme is designed for both desktop and mobile devices.

Teachers and learners can access it for free, with the intention of creating a generation of African digital entrepreneurs.

Co-founder Johathan Novotny said: “Coding is the language of the future, and by teaching these skills to our youth now, they will gain valuable digital skills before entering the job market. South Africans can become creators, not just consumers of technology, and the youth are the ones who are going to make this happen.”

According to the organisation, since its launch more than 250 schools, 26 500 learners and 1 520 teachers have been reached through the coding clubs set up in local schools.

The organisation has also been working closely with the Department of Basic Education for increased participation in computer science at South African schools. The skills will be incorporated into education policies and curriculum revisions.

Teachers and students can apply on the website for the courses.