Fund encourages corporates, donors and citizens to invest in the next generation

The COVID-19 pandemic caught the country, and the world, off guard and had a major impact on everyone, including non-profit ...
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4 tips on how to keep social media savvy kids safe

The youth of today are more social media savvy than ever. They are able to navigate their way from their ...
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ideas on what to study next year

Matrics – it’s a good idea to submit your tertiary applications now

With matric exams around the corner, the focus is now on preparing for this important phase of your schooling life ...
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4 useful coding apps for learners

The acceleration caused by the 4th industrial revolution, combined with unforeseen disruptions in schooling due to Covid-19, has emphasised the ...
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The matric countdown to exams has started

Thousands are set to write their matric exams this year. With about 20 days to go before the 2020 final ...
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5 ways to celebrate your teacher

Teachers are amazing, patient people who sometimes go the extra mile by offering additional classes and attention to learners. Some ...
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child handwriting on paper using a pen

Mastering handwriting makes your child smarter

Results from previous studies indicate both children and adults absorb more and remember better when they've written by hand. Another ...
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How to get a second chance at obtaining your matric

It is understandable to feel defeated when you get unsatisfactory marks on your final matric certificate. However, it is important ...
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The new school calendar has been released for 2020

The Department of Basic Education has released a revised school calendar for 2020 which will result in a total of ...
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Did you know? Today is World Teachers’ Day

It’s World Teachers’ Day today. The value and importance of teachers has come into sharp focus this year as the ...
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9 Tips to surviving school

Truth be told, a school can be a pretty tough environment. Children face new social norms and pressures previous generations ...
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Five universities are lagging behind with the academic year

Some universities have fallen further behind others, for various reasons, when it comes to completing the academic year. This was ...
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