10 tips on coaching your child in sport

10 tips for coaching your own child in sport

Here are 10 tips on coaching your child in sport while sporting activities at schools and clubs largely curtailed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s a dilemma … how do you as a parent maintain your children’s sporting and fitness levels and keep them hungry and engaged for training?

Parents have had to fulfill the role of educators, and now you also need to be coach your child in sport as well because they have the talent to be a star.

Thankfully, children generally have a healthy appetite for sporting endeavours and usually have lots of energy to burn, but ensuring that this is harnessed effectively and safely takes some doing on your part.

Student360 has compiled tips for coaching your own child as parents look to keep their kids fit, engaged, and healthily competitive.  

1. Communication: Learn to communicate effectively with your children. Don’t yell

2. Praise, Praise, Praise: Praise your child’s hard work and effort

3. Control your emotions: Can you keep your children’s success or failure in perspective?

4. Avoid comparison: Don’t compare your child to other children on a team

5. Make it fun: Make coaching fun and enjoy your time with your child

6. Learn: Be willing to keep learning to improve your own coaching knowledge

7. Don’t live your dreams through your children

8. Be objective

9. Be a parent first, and coach second

10. Don’t force practice

Last but not least, know when your children have outgrown your coaching abilities.

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 The tips first appeared in School Psychology