Watch: Fitness workout for beginners

fitness workout for beginners

This fitness workout for beginners lets you tap into your different muscle groups. Fitness instructor Rogan Comins’ workout focuses on the whole body through strength and cardio exercises, but remember – the secret is consistency.

If you are busy with exams or studying but need to keep up your fitness, following this fitness workout for beginners only takes 10 minutes. A combination of push-ups and knee tucks are an intense way to do cardio fitness for beginners. It also gives you a strong core, strong legs and flat tummy.

Activate your glutes and hamstrings by doing the reverse lunge or any type of lunge. If you have concerns about your mobility, lunges are an effective exercise to restore it.

Comins does exercises that you can do at home without equipment, and can be done with a buddy. Exercise and fitness boost self-awareness and a positive mental disposition.

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