Take your Grade 9 learning to a whole new level

Maths, Natural Sciences and Technology textbooks in term-sized chunks.

The official Grade 9 CAPS learner books for Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology are now available on STUDENT36O’s “GRADES 1-11” section.

We’ve made them easy to access and user-friendly. Simply click on the Grade 9 button to take your home learning to a whole new level.

These learner books have been supplied by the Department of Basic Education and include the approved CAPS curriculum content for these subjects. 

What’s great about using these learner books here on STUDENT360 is that we have divided each subject learner book into term sections or topic categories. This will enable you to organise and plan your revision, as well as co-ordinate your “home” learning with your online lessons.

For example, the Mathematics and Technology learner books have been divided into term sections. You can use the Term 1 and Term 2 learner books to revise the work you covered earlier in the year in the classroom and in online lessons, while the Term 3 and Term 4 learner books will be great for keeping you ahead of the game.

The Natural Sciences learner book has been divided into the four main sections that make up the curriculum: Life and Living; Matter and Materials; Energy and Change; and Planet Earth and Beyond. This means you can select and download just the section you want to focus on now, without having to download and struggle through the whole learner book at once.

All these specially-sized learner books are easy to view and use on the website, and are just as easy to download, print out and even share digitally with a friend.

The learning material on the STUDENT360 website is constantly being updated, and the Grade 9 section will soon see the addition of revision activity worksheets.

So be sure to visit us regularly to check out what exciting new learning material is ready and waiting for you.