Get your matric studying back on track by using the study guides and past papers on Student360.

Matric is a challenging school year at any time, never mind during these scary and disruptive times of Covid-19. Many hours of classroom learning have been lost, with most learners having to play catch-up on their subject curricula before they can even start to think about revising.

But don’t despair – Student360 is here to help. Endorsed by the Department of Basic Education, it has the latest Grade 12 study and revision material you’ll need to catch up and stay on track.

Simply click on the MATRIC 2020 tab to give your study efforts a major boost and ensure you don’t lose another minute of crucial study time.

Study guides

You’ll find the official DBE CAPS “Mind The Gap” study guides for Mathematics, Maths Literacy, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Geography, Life Sciences, English FAL and Economics. Each study guide has been broken up into chapters or units so that you can select and download just the section of the syllabus you want to focus on now, without having to download and struggle through the whole year’s work at once.

Each study guide covers selected aspects of the different topics of that subject’s (Grade 12) curriculum, in the order that it is usually taught during the year.

The selected aspects of each topic are presented in the following way:

  • An explanation of terms and concepts
  • Worked examples to explain and demonstrate
  • Activities with questions for you to answer
  • Answers for you to use to check your own work

A chapter organogram is provided at the beginning of each section to focus your thinking and give you an overview of each section.

Most study guides also include a table of key concepts with definitions which need to be learnt off by heart. You can gain easy marks for the recall of definitions in the single mark questions.

The activities in each study guide are based on exam-type questions. Without looking at the answer, do each activity on your own. Then check your answer. When you get something incorrect, make sure you understand where you went wrong before moving on to the next section. 


In the “Revision” section under the MATRIC 2020 tab, there are also Grade 12 NSC past papers with corresponding memos for the same subjects. Working through past papers is an excellent way to revise and identify the areas you know well and those that still need more work.

Easy to use

All Student360’s learning and revision material is easy to view on the website and quick to download so that you can work with it offline (to save data), print it out and even share it digitally with a friend.

What’s more, this learning material is being constantly added to and updated, so it’s worth returning on a regular basis.