Covid-19: Call to close Limpopo schools again

The Public Servants Association (PSA) has expressed grave concern over the problems experienced by many schools in the Limpopo province saying they are high risk facilities for escalating the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

Even though more than 50 schools have remained closed, the PSA’s concern arises from the lack of water and proper sanitation at the majority of schools that have opened. These are vital necessities to contain the virus and promote good hygiene practices. 

According to the PSA, some schools are also without functional thermometers, so learners and teachers are not being scanned when they enter school premises and this itself adds to the risk.

The PSA has established that 90% of the schools in Limpopo have not set up their Covid-19 steering committees and have not appointed compliance officers in terms of safety directives. These committees and compliance officers are responsible for making sure that health and safety measures are adhered to.

Safety measures in these schools are found to be either partly implemented, or not at all, which puts the lives of educators and learners at risk. 

The PSA urged the the Limpopo Provincial Command Council to note the alarming increase of Covid-19 infections in educators and pupils across the country and according to them some of these infections may be attributed to compromised safety measures, inadequate water supply, lack of proper sanitation, compromising of screening processes as well as social distancing not being practiced.

The PSA believes that Command Council must take the responsibility and instruct that the schools in the province be closed in order to allow for proper preparation before the problems become unmanageable. The PSA values the importance of education however safety of educators and learners remains of utmost importance as failure to exercise extra caution can result in the escalating infection of the virus which might create major catastrophe in the province.