Study material for all grades – Student360 has you covered


When it comes to finding study material for all grades, Student360 has got you covered – and it’s all just an easy click away.

Here’s a countdown of the top five ways in which this exciting website has the world of education and learning covered.

5. Brandstories
Student360’s Brandstories section features the latest accomplishments, news and breakthroughs from some of the country’s leading education service providers, organisations and institutions.

4. Sport
The exciting SPORT tab has been especially tailored for lockdown, with skills drills, fitness workouts, strategies and hints to keep the young athlete in top form until competition resumes.

3. Advice
The super useful ADVICE tab has a wealth of articles that cover just about everything from essential life skills and making the right subjects to top nutrition tips.

2. News
Student360 also has the latest breaking NEWS and trending stories to keep you informed and up-to-date on everything education.

1. Learning and study material
* The stars of the Student360 show are without a doubt the GRADES 1-11 and MATRIC 2020 tabs, which feature all the learning, study and revision material needed to catch up and stay on track.
* The primary school content is provided by subject experts and education professionals.
* The high school content is official Department of Basic Education material.
* The MATRIC 2020 tab has been specifically designed for Grade 12 learners with the aim of boosting their study efforts and ensuring crucial study time is maximised. Here you’ll find the official DBE “Mind the Gap” study guides as well as past papers and memos that are ideal for exam revision.

Unique user-friendliness
What makes Student360 completely unique are its user and data-friendliness:
All learning and study material has been broken up into sections or chapters that are easy to work through and cost-effective to download.
All worksheets, past paper revision material, learner books and study guides are presented as easy-to-use flipbooks, which allows for the content to be view page by page, with the option of zooming in on any specific sections and/or illustrations.

Furthermore, all Student360’s learning material can be worked with offline (to save data), printed out and even with a friend to form a virtual study connection.

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