Passing matric – all you need to learn is right here

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Passing matric – all you need to learn is right here. Student360 understands that this is a most difficult academic year.

Covid-19 has brought challenges unprecedented for any learner, and time is running really short before the year end exams.

All the latest study material provided by our partners, the Department of Education, is available right here, under the tab “Matric 2020”. There is loads of study material to ensure Grade 12 learners do not need to lose another minute of crucial study time.

And to make studying more enjoyable, Student360 has split up the lengthy workbooks into shorter chapters to assist with download speeds, data costs, and importantly – a sense of achievement as book after book is completed.

Learners with easy WiFi access can also share a study guide with friends and form a virtual study group, while those without access at home can download the study books wherever an opportunity avails to work on later at home.

The study material is very easy to use across desktop and mobile systems, so your study progress need not be limited by the device or equipment that you have available to you.

So be assured, passing matric – all you need to learn is right here.

Visit our Matric 2020 Study material page