New Grade 4 worksheets for maths, English and Afrikaans

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We have your new grade 4 worksheets. So … are you figuring out your areas from your perimeters? Or your synonyms from your antonyms?

Are you brushing up on your abbreviations? Or maybe revising your Afrikaans meervoude and afkappingstekens?

Well, here’s some great news: new worksheets for maths, English (Home Language) and Afrikaans (Huistaal), have just arrived on Student360.

More than 16 brand new Grade 4 revision activity worksheets and their corresponding memos (answer sheets) have been added to the many already there – so whether you’re focusing on English, Afrikaans, maths or science, Student360 has got you covered.

Simply go to the “GRADES 1-11” section on Student360 and click on the Grade 4 button to find all the worksheets available. 

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They are perfect for revising what you’ve already learnt and for practising activities that have been covered in your online “classroom” lessons. The worksheets are easy to view on the website, and are just as easy to download, print out and even share digitally with a friend.

We are constantly updating Student360 with exciting learning material, so be sure to visit us regularly to check out what’s new.

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