The future of learning is already here at Parklands College

EVERY learner, from pre-primary to Matric, has an innate wish to explore their world – and Parklands College in Cape Town provides a platform for just such experiential learning. Here, learners’ ideas and expressions are valued, and the ultimate goal of producing confident, independent learners is achieved within a technology-rich, creative and intellectually stimulating environment.

The early years of children’s formal education is the foundation upon which future academic and life skills are built.

A natural curiosity blossoms within the school’s classrooms, which are supportive, dynamic and enquiry-based.

The College’s Learning Innovation Centre at its Sandown Campus promotes the school’s philosophy and was designed with the future of learning in mind.

The building boasts large collaboration spaces visually connected to smaller learning pods, which are ideal for meeting in smaller groups and filming using green screen technology. 

The Robotics Lab and Experium provide learners with opportunities to prototype solutions to real world problems and are home to Digital Electronics. 

Grand Central hosts the Virtual Reality Holodeck as well as The Bridge. 

The Holodeck provides immersive learning experiences using virtual reality simulations where learners are able to dissect the human body or explore the International Space Station.

The centre is designed to encourage and integrate a culture of authentic, differentiated, collaborative and experiential learning that promotes the development of global competencies that will best prepare Parklands College learners for the future.

Parklands College has maintained a 100% pass rate since its first group of matrics wrote the National Senior Certificate in 2000. More significantly, more than 90% of all the school’s graduates passed with entry into Bachelor Degree studies.

The Western Cape Education Department ranks top achieving schools based on consistency in pass rate, high percentage of Bachelor Degree passes and Mathematics results. Parklands College has consistently featured on the list of top achieving schools in the Western Cape.