Raising a confident child – part two

In part one we looked at the importance of raising a confident child and ways in which this can be done. In part two we look at more ways of doing this.

1. Make clear that your love is unconditional

Let your child know you love her even when she fails or makes bad decisions. If all you talk about is performance, she will think you only love her for her report card or the lead she got in the play.

2. Make sure your child’s goals are within reach, at a level appropriate for his ability

That may mean for example suggesting that your son he join the B team in cricket and feel like a star rather than playing for the first team and feeling like he isnt good enough. This will then make the child persevere and aim to improve his game.

3. Encourage curiosity

Sometimes a child’s endless stream of questions can be tiresome, but it should be encouraged.

Asking questions is a helpful exercise for a child’s development because it means they realize that “there are things they don’t know … that there are invisible worlds of knowledge they have never visited.”

4. Give them new challenges

Show your child that they can make and accomplish small goals to reach a big accomplishment — like riding a bike without training wheels. 

Parents can nurture confidence by increasing responsibilities that must be met. 

5. Never criticise their performance

Nothing will discourage your child more than criticizing his or her efforts. Giving useful feedback and making suggestions is fine — but never tell them they’re doing a bad job.

If your kid is scared to fail because they worry you’ll be angry or disappointed, they’ll never try new things.

More often than not, parental criticism reduces the child’s self-valuing and motivation so avoid this at all costs.

A confident child, is a happier child so help your child feel like a star no matter what.