Load shedding – stay connected with this gizmo

Having load shedding blues while studying or doing research? Now here is a great gizmo to keep you and the family connected.

It’s small, it can keep your WiFi router going for 4 hours or more, you can even charge your mobile phone via the USB socket at the same time – and it does not have a noisy fan or constantly beeps like a big UPS during a power failure. But it is a UPS … or a portable UPS power bank.

Very inconvenient and disruptive Eskom load shedding and hours of surfing to stay connected led me to this little gadget – a Mini DC UPS for WiFi routers.

It is basically a clever powerbank that like any UPS switches over seamlessly when the electricity goes off. And it is portable.

It replaces the router’s power source and plugs in directly to the wall socket, it comes with variable output voltage – 5v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v – and multiple plug adaptors to make sure it fits into whatever your unit works with. It takes only a minute or two to set up.

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It can’t keep desktop computers going, or the lights unless you have an LED light that connects with a USB … but if you are working with a mobile device or a laptop there will be no unwanted disruptions when you are deeply engrossed in your studies.

Whatever brands you might prefer, this is a great little investment for the whole family in this lockdown-driven swing to digital everything that quickly pays for itself in saved data costs.

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The home for many has become the new office and the new classroom or lecture theatre. The reliance of moms, dads, learners and students on tech and uninterrupted connectivity have never been more important.