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Make the most of your time now, before you just launch into the matric exam. You can combat the stress by going through these tips and keep consistent. There’s a lot of pressure on matrics now, especially since they’ve been away from school for a few months, due to Covid-19. 

Here’s a guide to preparing for your matric exams:

Plan your revision schedule wisely and always be consistent when revising. To keep social, you and your friends could create a study group. The study group could meet up three times a week for an hour, which also gives you an opportunity to recap alone at home. A tip before you start doing the revision could be spending five minutes meditating before you start. This gives you a break from jumping between activities and keeps you calm when you start learning.

Weekly planner on iPad or Tablet
Digital planner can be linked to your calendar that can remind you 10 minutes before.

Although the pressure of matric gets harder and harder as the year ends, know that you need to get enough rest. Getting enough rest reduces anxiety and, ultimately, keeps you relaxed and effective. Also do not swallow a lot of energy drinks to keep up, this is not helpful at all. 

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When revising do not cram, because one distraction could lead you to forgetting everything that you have crammed. Revise with understanding. Ask as many questions as you need to for you to completely understand a topic. Concentrate in areas that you do not understand. Once you have understood the section, get someone who knows that section to teach you that particular section to see if you understand it the right way. 

Always take notes along the way. This could involve drawing doodles to make you understand a particular subject. For example, in Life Science, you could draw your favourite cartoon character that also reminds you of a particular diagram that needs to be labeled. Make your notes exciting for you. Try this method of taking notes for other subjects that you find hard to understand. 

Remember that no matter the outcome, know you did your best and you are enough. If you pass, then congratulations, and we wish you all the best in entering higher education or venturing into the industry. If you don’t succeed in passing, know that you have options to assist you in achieving your goals.