There are 9 things that drive teachers crazy – things that learners do that make the teacher’s heads spin, and often leave them wondering if they made the right career path.

Some people claim that their school days were the happiest days of their lives, but teachers wouldn’t necessarily agree.

Here are 10 things that drive teachers crazy.

  1. Being asked “Do I need to know that?” – When a teacher has emphasised that something they have just elaborated on often appears as an exam question.
  1. Silly antics – Presenting the teacher with something that was discarded on the floor. That’s what the rubbish bin is for.
  1. Hearing “I’m finished. What do I do now?” – First, the teacher is not a babysitter. Second, do something quietly that doesn’t interrupt those still working.
  1. Prefect of the lost and found box – Finding another student’s jersey, handing it to the teacher, and saying “I found X’s jersey.” Just give it to the student it belongs to.
  1. Being told “But you didn’t tell us that!” – When the teacher knows they specifically mentioned something critical like the date of a test. Whereupon the teacher starts wondering if he/she should record all lessons.
  1. Sucking on a pencil – Students licking the modelling clay or sucking on their pens or pencils. It’s not food.
  1. Being asked “Do we have to write this down?” – After having carefully explained how understanding a topic will be important in dealing with a lesson planned for the future.
  1. A student shouting out the answer – There’s a procedure. Put your hand up and wait to be asked.
  1. Backpacks obstructing someone’s way – Pupils leaving their backpacks next to the desk where someone is bound to trip on it. Tuck it under the desk.

However, this is by no means the entire list of classroom shenanigans that teachers have to put up with each day.

So, if you have other examples of behaviours that drive teachers to distraction, share them with us by sending an email to [email protected]