A mother puts on a mask for her daughter before she goes to school.

3 tips on talking to your child about Covid-19

So much has changed and it didn’t take much time for us to experience a crashing wave of the ‘new ...
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A parent teaches her children from home.

Home schooling: How to schedule the learning day

Without any pre-planning or warning, parents and children around the world found themselves ensconced into the confines of their homes, ...
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Home schooling: How do you register and write exams

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, home schooling is on everyone's minds, but how do you register and write exams? Safety concerns ...
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Honey bee flying towards an orange flower.

Did you know: Today is World Honey Bees Day

Honey bees are often taken for granted and most don’t realise the pivotal role of nature’s super creatures. However, World ...
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home schooling and the law

Home schooling: What the law says about it

Home schooling in South Africa was legalised by the South African Schools Act No. 84 of 1996 (S51), but you ...
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A school child having an online lesson through the laptop.

Covid-19: Parents can choose alternative learning options

As classroom learning continues for Grades 7 and 12 with more grades expected to follow soon, many parents are still ...
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A mother teaches her child using home schooling methods.

Home Schooling: a parent’s perspective

Patience, honesty and discipline are three key ingredients parents need to put in the mix if they decide to home ...
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home schooling digital magazine

A safer alternative to education during Covid-19

A year ago, nobody could have predicted Covid-19 and the “new normal” that’s taking over the world and education. As ...
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youth day

Did you know: It’s International Youth Day

International Youth Day is an awareness day nominated by the UN. The day draws attention to youth with regard to ...
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women's day

Women’s Day is much more than just a public holiday

National Women’s Day commemorates the peaceful yet impactful Women’s March of 1956, which saw more than 20 000 women march ...
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Load shedding – stay connected with this gizmo

Having load shedding blues while studying or doing research? Now here is a great gizmo to keep you and the ...
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home schooling digital magazine

Our first digital magazine – and it’s all about home schooling

Thinking of home schooling your child but unsure of how to go about it? Look no further, we have a ...
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